Located in Vernon Rockville's historical district, Luna Piercing and Fine Jewelry gives answer to the question, "Where is the focus on beautiful, quality body jewelry East side of the river?"
Meet the Luna Babes

Laura has been piercing professionally since early 2011. Her first priority is your safety, proving that in part by attending the Association of Professional Piercers conference yearly to take classes on the most up to date safety information and techniques. She is a Gemological Institute of America student going for her Graduate Gemologist degree.

Bx (Pronounced Bea) has been piercing for about ten years as well. While mostly working behind the scenes and at the counter, he has worked all over the country bringing fine jewelry and quality piercing services to the public. Brett's a jewelry fanatic with fantastic taste who can absolutely guide you in picking something perfect for you.

Cole is our junior piercer, and has been with us since September of 2018! They’re the ruler of septums and all things sparkly, and have been piercing on their own for over two years now and have a knack for making the piercing experience a fun one! 

Jamie is Luna’s newest addition! A long time client of ours, Jamie knows her way around a jewelry case, and has no problem sharing the enthusiasm our clients have for something shiny and new! We can’t wait to see what’s in to come for Jamie!

When we chose to set up Luna, it was with comfort and acceptance in mind. Time and time again, we found that tattoo studios just weren't the right atmosphere for the fine jewelry we hand picked or for our wide range of clientele we served. Luna strives to be a place where all are welcome for who they are.

Your Beauty.
Your Safety.
Your Story.

Here at Luna


Luna's piercers use aseptic technique, practices to prevent contamination in their working field. Some of these practices include use of packaged sterile gloves while piercing as opposed to boxed examination gloves, and learning to work within a sterile field.

We are a fully disposable studio, meaning we don't reprocess any tools once they're used. This ensures the safety of both you and our piercers on staff. Regardless, Luna does spore testing weekly to make sure our autoclave is working for all of our equipment and jewelry processing needs. Please ask us if you would like to see our spore test results!