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How Do I Care For My Piercing?

The first few weeks are VERY important when it comes to

the health and healing of your piercing(s). 

The Don’ts:

  • Don’t substitute your aftercare instructions for anything other than your piercer’s, or if need be, physician’s instructions


  • Don’t touch, turn/rotate, play with, replace/swap, your jewelry! Hands off unless you’re cleaning!


  • Don’t use Sea salt, Epsom salt, peroxide, alcohol, Bactine or ointments, or soap of any kind. All of these are too harsh for the fragile inner piercing walls trying to form. By doing so, you are absolutely setting back your healing process. Your body is doing most of the work when healing a piercing, so you don’t need to help a lot! 


  • Don’t remove or insert jewelry without the help of your piercing professional while healing. You can set your healing time back and cause issues such as irritation, infection, or allergic reactions.


  • Don’t remove your piercing if you believe you have an infection. Keep in mind, infections are often signaled by flu-like symptoms, most clients experience irritation, not infection. Removal of the jewelry could potentially cause abscessing which can become dangerous. We as piercers cannot diagnose infection, however we can totally point you in the right direction. If you believe you have any issue, please come in as soon as possible. The longer issues are left, the worse the outcome can be.


  • Don’t soak your piercing in any public or dirty bodies of water. This includes bathtubs, any pools, and yes, natural or man-made bodies of water. We all know what people do in there…


  • Don’t allow any bodily fluids of others (or your own) near a healing piercing. Always use appropriate barriers during any sort of skin on skin contact, and clean thoroughly afterwards.


  • Don’t get any make-up on a new (or healing) piercing. You’ll be okay without make-up on that area for a bit, and using it isn’t worth the mess and pain it can cause.

The Do’s:

  • Do contact us if you feel you may be having any trouble. We are here to help and we want to! Whether this is downsizing or refitting jewelry (if the jewelry is too loose or too tight), inserting new jewelry, or just general questions, we can help!


  • Do make sure you come in at your suggested downsize time (this may vary piercing to piercing, and client to client). Jewelry that is too long once swelling goes down can cause problems such as tilting of your piercing, bumps and irritation, and additional swelling. For your piercing we suggest coming to see about downsizing in a few weeks. Your piercer will let you know your approximate cost and time frame.


  • Do pick up a can of saline wound wash (we carry it)! This is not meant to replace once a day cleaning with clean hands and warm water, but it can assist. Spray it directly onto the piercing to remove debris, and as always, do not rotate the jewelry.

    There are many more don’ts than do’s. This is because taking care of a piercing is actually very easy. No, really, it is! Your immune system is doing most of the work, and most of the things we do to “help” (including listening to your friends, family, or the internet instead of your piercer) can cause harm to your piercing. Follow the piercers instructions, and if you think you’re having an issue come talk to us so we can help you!


We want to be there for you through the life of your piercing, and we want to supply our clients with the best, current, and accurate information for taking care of your piercing! Feel free to call, email, message, or stop in with ANY questions or issues. Check-ups, regardless if you feel there are issues or not, are 100% welcomed and suggested!

We care about you and your piercing, so even if you just want to be reassured that you’re healing properly, stop in any time!


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