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When it comes to your perfect jewelry, dare to dream big. Welcome to curation: You've come to the right place.

Want a set that all flows together? A wedding styling to match your theme and ring? How about an ear so full of bling you feel like an A-list celebrity? We're here to make your dream come true!

There's lots to thin about when planning a curation, and our piercers can help. They'll guide you through stone options, gold and titanium materials, shapes and sizing while taking into account your lifestyle needs. We can dress up your existing piercings, or plan your next additions that will really pull your dream together. And it doesn't all have to be done at once; lots of curations that we've styled have come together over months of gradual additions that make the process far more manageable.


Want to Talk to Someone About a Curation? 

Book an appointment to come in and design with one of our piercers! Consultations are  complimentary.

Lets Talk Ideas!


Reference photos are the bees knees! You don't have to be married to every piece that you've seen in an onliine photo of a jewelry set, but seeing a photo that you love the overall style of can help us set you in the right direction!


Knowing what you don't like is as helpful as knowing what you do! If you want to stay away from color, or you know that you're not a fan of certain shapes or heavier looking jewelry, that helps us out out a lot of options when showing you pieces.


Think about your lifestyle. Are chains and dangles too snaggable because you live an active lifestyle? Do you want to stay small and classic because you work in a conservative job field?  We want to take this into consideration for you so that your beautiful set stays beautiful for years to come!

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