With Your safety in mind.


Nose Nostril Piercing with Moonstone from Luna Piercing and Fine Jewelry in Vernon Connecticut
Custom Jewelry
Amethyst and Rose Gold Earrings from Luna Piercing and Fine Jewelry

Luna piercings are done with only the Industry's best jewelry, most up to date techniques, and fully disposable set ups. We've aimed to be the place to go for all ages and backgrounds, with jewelry that will meet anyones budget for those looking for a safe, beautiful piercing with top quality materials.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide safe ear piercings for our next generation. Gone are the days of crowded mall hallways and piercing guns in overstimulating situations.

We proudly pierce children's earlobes 3 years and older by appointment. Don't worry - we book you a full hour for your childs big event. There is no rush.
Please scroll down to see our age list for piercing and what you will need to bring for ID.

Are diamonds in your future? Maybe colored stones? Make your wildest dreams come true with jewelry truly customized for you.

We work with many US based companies with years of design experience. Let us help you select your perfect gem and setting  combination before sending a sketch and measurements to have a design created!

Let us guide you in recreating your jewelry set up for a custom, beautiful matching set that works with your life and style.

Whether you're looking for a full rework, a few pieces to work together, or just suggestions, we can work together with your budget and aesthetic to come up with something perfect.

Piercing Minors:

Earlobes: 3 years and older

Ear cartilage: 12+

Nostril and septum: 12+

Lip: 13+

Navel: 13+

Tongue: 16+

Eyebrow: 16+

Cheeks, nipples, and genitals:

absolutely NO minors of any gender

Please see our FAQ page for what is required for minor piercings!