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  • How Do I Set An Appointment?
    You can text or call us at (860)202-3320 Email us at Or send us a message through social media!
  • Can I Come In As a Walk In?
    We try to take walk-ins as much as possible, however we cannot ensure that we will be able to assist you, as we are a small team. We can often set you up an appointment for later in the day, or in the next few days, and you can absolutely walk in to make a booking!
  • Can I walk In For Jewelry Purchases?
    If you know exactly the style, length, and gauge of what you need, then absolutely yes! That being said, most people do not. We currently can not promise to take walk ins for jewelry purchases because typically, we need piercers available to help you find the right fit for what you need. Many people also need help inserting their jewelry, and neither of these things can be done by our counter staff. We do have a pick up option on our webstore however, so if you know exactly what you need and how to insert it on your own, you can absolutely place an order and we can have it ready at the front case for you to pick it up!
  • How Should I Prepare For My Visit?
    Generally, we just need you and your I.D! We always suggest eating at least a light snack a few hours before your appointment, in addition to staying hydrated. If you have any questions regarding what I.D.s you will need to bring, please refer to our Services or Kids page.
  • Can I Bring My Child To My Appointment?
    We have no problem with well behaved children in the studio. We do reserve the right to ask any unruly children to leave, and if you are the only adult accompanying an unruly child, unfortunately we will not be able to continue your appointment. Children in the piercing rooms need to be able to follow directions for safety reasons. Contact with certain areas of the shop can be dangerous to your child, and contact with piercers and piercees while services are being preformed can put your child, you, and the piercer in danger. We do not allow children in the piercing room during nipple or genital piercings, regardless of the relation between child and adult.
  • How Do I Set An Appointment With a Service Animal?
    Service animals are welcome, we just need to prepare our schedule for your visit! Because of the clean environment needed to be kept within the shop, we do need to book extra time after you leave for us to clean the piercing room used. There is of course no extra charge for this, we just need to make sure there is time for preparation before our next guest. The ADA does not observe ESA under Title III. Missing the strict training of service animals, emotional support animals are in direct threat to the health and safety of those within the studio and are not permitted by any means.
  • Can I Bring My Own Jewelry?
    For your safety (and our insurance) no. Luna prides itself in only providing the safest piercings possible, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee the quality of outside products. We do have a large selection and try to cater to everyones style and budget! You can, however, bring your own jewelry for insertion into a healed piercing, though we still can not guarantee quality and hold the right to refuse service at any time. If you have been pierced by us before, it is possible that you already have jewelry from us that will work for new piercings. You may bring that jewelry with you to your appointment in a bag or container, and we can inspect it for use.
  • How Do I Care For My New Piercing?
    In short, we recommend clean hands and warm water in the shower once daily followed by downsizing your jewelry once your swelling goes down (your piercer will advise you on when the best time to come back for a check up is). Before we pierce you, let us know if you have any lifestyle concerns you think may interfere with healing. See our full care guide here. ​
  • What Is Your Jewelry Made Of?
    All of our jewelry is made of the highest, most bio-compatible materials in the industry. You will find a large selection of: ASTM f-136 and ASTM F-1295 and ASTM f-136 Implant Grade Titanium 14 and 18k solid nickel free gold Commercially Pure Niobium (CP-Nb) High quality soda-lime and borosilicate glass Much of our jewelry contains stones, ranging from Swarovski Cubic Zirconia and lab created opals to genuine colored stones and conflict free diamonds.
  • What Does Being a Fully Disposable Studio Mean and Why?
    Being a fully disposable studio means that we do not reprocess any used items to be used again. Outside of the things you would expect to be single use (needles, markers, gauze, jewelry) we also use disposable tools such as hemostats, clamps, recieving tubes and tapers. Why? (Get nerdy with us.) It is supremely safer than reprocessing tools. In order for tools to be reprocessed, they must be soaked in an enzymatic cleaning fluid, transferred through the studio to a Dirty Room, scrubbed by hand by our piercers, rinsed, run through an ultrasonic cleaner, bagged, sterilized in an autoclave, dried and put away. At multiple points in this process, our staff has to come in contact with potentially biohazardous material (blood and OPIM) and has to remove it properly (which is much more laborous than you would imagine, considering blood is made of sticky proteins.) If not removed, prions and other OPIM may remain active on those tools regardless of autoclave sterilization, making it potentially hazardous to clients. The carbon footprint of tossing used tools vs. reprocessing sounds like it would be much larger, however once taking into account all of the water, Personal Protective Equipment, materials, electricity, paper, plastic and cleaning supplies which are damaging to our water system (before factoring in the safety of our staff and clients) the decision to be disposable came easily. In addition, many of the tools we use can be helpful to the clients we used them on! Many tapers and hemostats go home with clients to make jewelry changes on their own easier.
  • What Qualifications Are Needed To Pierce in Connecticut?
    To make it short: none. This is why its important for clients to know what to look for. At Luna, our staff goes through OSHA approved blood borne pathogen, first aid, CPR, child and infant CPR, and Infection Control Plan training, as well as attending the Association of Professional Piercers conference yearly. The APP is an international non-profit organization dedicated to the dissemination of vital health and safety information about body piercing to piercers, health care professionals, legislators, and the general public. Your piercer, regardless of area, should be sterilizing their jewelry and equipment in lumens rated autoclaves that are spore tested at a minimum of monthly. Your piercer, regardless of area, should receive all of the above training and time-specified re-training. Your piercer should be using internally threaded biologically compatible jewelry Your piercer should be trained to make multiple glove changes at the right time during their piercing and jewelry change procedures. To find out more about what qualifies a good piercer and piercing studio and what your rights are as a piercee (regardless of location) visit
  • Why Isn't Piercing Jewelry Sold As Pairs?
    We get this answer frequently from parents bringing their children in for their first lobe experience, though our realm of expertise ranges much further than kids piercings! Much of the jewelry we carry can be used in multiple locations including earlobe, nostril, tragus, helix and many more. Charging people for a pair of anything when they only require a single just doesn't make sense. Giving you the price paired or as a single doesn't change the price per unit, and we make it as clear as possible that every piece is individual. The win for parents is, is that if your child loses a piece of jewelry (kids are crazy and life happens) you won't be buying a whole pair as a replacement!
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