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The Eclipse Body Jewelry logo, an image of a partial eclipse with Bailey's Beads extending off the left side

Body Jewelry at Luna Piercing

We are elated to bring to you a long awaited project, Eclipse, Luna's in-house brand of body jewelry made by our budding jeweler, Reece.

A mixture of core essentials and one-of pieces, Eclipse Body Jewelry has something for everyone and is expanding quickly in available options.
All stones are set by hand without adhesives, and all pieces are solid 14k gold or CP-Nb niobium. All ends currently are threadless, however we are working towards being able to offer threaded pieces as well in the near future. You can find Eclipse rings, charms, chains and ends in store proudly displayed and on our webstore, with new one-of pieces being added frequently. At the moment we are taking requests for customs at Reece's discretion, knowing that this project has more growing to do. Please get in contact through social media or text the shop number for questions regarding customs.
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