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Parents, We've Got Your Back

There are so many things you need to worry about - lets take the safety of your childs first piercings off your list.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide safe ear piercings for our next generation. Luna safely preforms ear piercings on children three years and older.

At Luna Piercing we are:

  • A piercing gun free studio

  • Fully disposable and single use

  • Understanding of your childs bodily autonomy

  • Equipped with the highest quality body jewelry available

Two's (Good) Company

Did you know that we offer tandem piercings most days?

Consider discussing whether tandem piercings may be right for your little one at the time of booking!

Lets Set Up for Success


Support people can be great! But be sure the people who are joining the party are there for the enrichment of your child's experience. This may mean leaving siblings, grandparents, or other family members at home. Regardless of the best intentions, too many people or overbearing guests can be distracting and stressful, even if that wouldn't normally be the case in their day to day interactions.

Company in the Piercing Room


Try to stay away from referring to anything happening to your child negatively. This should be a coming of age, fun experience for them! Hearing words like pain, sharp, and needles in the wrong context can absolutely be anxiety inducing.

One example of a common phrase we hear is, "make sure to sit still so they don't do it wrong!" We understand this is coming from a good place, and while this is a good message, it can often be rephrased to something a bit less stressful.  We can absolutely turn this into positive connotation by instead using phrases such as "make sure to sit still so you get the straightest, most beautiful sparkly ears anyones ever seen!"

Let's keep it upbeat and unscary.

Positive Connotation


The Piercer and Your Child

Parents are the largest source of comfort in most childrens lives. But have you ever watched

your child fall down completely unaffected, until they realize that you've witnessed their tumble?

It's natural to want to hold their hand every step of the way during scary moments,

but sometimes its easiest to wait to see what kind of support they request.

While neither of you are probably regulars at this, our piercers have been working with children for years, and usually have a good understanding of what fears and concerns your child may have. We will do our best to guide them, give them tricks to cope with the anxiety, and give them the options they need.


And fear not! We'll be asking you to play your part in helping them become comfortable.


Speaking of... We Do This Every Day

But your child doesn't. Big feelings are bound to happen in the piercing room, and we are completely prepared for that. Please do not push your child to make decisions they are not comfortable with, or in time frames they are not comfortable with. Many times we've seen a child who is prepared be stirred up by a parent telling them that they're ready. We have time!


They are in charge of what happens to them!

You set up an appointment, took time off work, made the drive, handed over the necessary IDs and helped your child pick out jewelry. But now your child's in the piercing room saying they don't want to do it.

It happens, and often times those fears can be worked through, but sometimes we see kids who just aren't ready. Its's their call, and as frustrating as it may be, piercings are not a necessary part of life like shots or a visit to the dentist. Bodily autonomy is important, and we will never pressure a child to do something they don't want to

(and don't worry, we don't charge you for something we didn't do, either.)

We see these kids back all the time, more confident and trusting that they are in control and that the studio is not a scary place!

Minors will require some form of ID no matter their age, as well as ID from their parent or legal guardian every time your child is pierced, with no exceptions. We hate to turn people away! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions on what will or will not act as acceptable forms of ID.

Matching identification between a minor and a legal guardian are a must. A matching last name will apply as matching identification. 

All legal guardians must remain in the studio during all piercing services of a minor.

Click Here if you and your child do not currently share the same last name

Click here if you are a legal guardian or adoptive parent

Click Here if you are an emancipated minor

Minor I.D. Policy

We can not legally make exceptions to these policies

Failure to present correct ID will result in the need to rebook or cancel your appointment.

"So grateful to Jamie at Luna piercing for taking good care of my kids. Calm but upbeat and gave a great explanation for the steps. Allowed them to watch me first and allowed for the whole experience to be about the family being together. Won’t be going any other place.

My son said, “Mom, this means so much to me.” PERFECT"

"I wanted to make sure my daughter was ready before getting her ear’s pierced. She’s 9 now so we waited about 2 years. I had such horrible experiences when I was a kid"...

 ..."Thank the gods I waited and did my research…Jamie was a true professional and took her time - so much as my daughter didn’t even flinch!! I highly recommend going to Luna Piercing and fine jewelry for all piercing needs. PS - their jewelry is gorgeous, too."

I took my daughter there to get her ears done for her 10th birthday and i got my nose done and let me twll you how amazing the staff is.".. 

..."I have 17 other piercings and I can honestly say, this was one of the best places ive ever been. I will definitely be going to get jewelry from there along with any other piercings. 100% amazing. My daughters ears didnt swell or angthing and she's doing amazing with the aftercare thanks to Jaime"

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